Manage your Shadow IT:

Critical Shadow IT

Shadow IT is critical for business processes. (Basis of analysis: 386 Shadow IT instances from 4 organizations, Source: KIPS)

Studies show that 55% of Shadow IT is process relevant, which means that the business processes depends on the functionality of the Shadow IT. Over 16% of Shadow IT is used in processes, which are allowed to drop out at most 1 day without highly interfering with business goals. Since Shadow IT is not sufficiently secured by the IT department, accidental downtimes are inevitable. Therefore it is advisable to identify the use of Shadow IT in the organization to minimize the risk.

The unknown and unmanaged solution create various problems:

  • Process and default risks
  • Risks in security
  • Problems with compliance
  • Problems with data privacy
  • Inefficiencies in procedures and provision of IT


Our offer: From Shadow IT to business IT – We bring light into the dark!

Based on our experience in applied science and projects in practice for many years, we assist you with getting Shadow IT under control.

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