The problem of the usage of information technology is central for an organization and the control of its IT. Whether IT is used “only” as a tool or as a competitive differentiator – this role influences structures, processes and mechanisms.

Our consulting supports your strategic process, which is the basis for competitive advantage through IT. Our methods are scientifically sound and practically proven.

The strategic role of IT as a basis for IT strategy and IT management.


We give you an introduction into strategic IT management.

Master digitization: Control IT strategically for your business model!

IT strategy concerns the whole organization and not only the IT department. Due to progressing digitization, IT has a direct impact on all business relations. An effective coordination of business and IT strategy decides apon the value that IT adds to your business.

We want to pass on our experience in consulting and research on IT strategy. Together with managers we develop the necessary basics for an effective IT and digitization strategy. Depending on your problem we offer different workshop modules, that you can arrange for your specific question.

Every workshop module is designed for a length of half a day approximately. For preparation, we would like to clarify the surrounding conditions via telephone.


We analyze, evaluate and control your IT strategically.


We assist managers with the strategic alignment of IT in organizations and accompany the implementation in IT management.

  • Definition of the focus of IT in our organization?
  • Analysis of the strategic role of IT and conception of IT strategy
  • Deduction of IT organization, application portfolio and IT investments
  • Support of implementation in business and IT units


We develop your IT strategy together with you and deduce measures for implementation.

  • Analysis and evaluation of success factors of IT for the organization
  • Examination of strategic role of IT
  • Analysis of current situation, determination of future potential, definition of business IT strategy
  • Deduction of measures for IT organization, application portfolio and IT investments


In workshops and trainings for managers we examine the strategic role of your IT.

  • Mediation of technical background to ease discussions with persons responsible for IT
  • Illustration of opportunities and challenges of IT and examination of the strategic role
  • Advanced IT strategy development
  • Discussion of the topics of IT organization, application portfolio and IT investments


Thank you for your interest.

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