The Self-Assessment Tool not only creates transparency, but also provides recommended actions on how to control Shadow IT.

Before you can begin to define measures for the management of shadow IT, you need to identify the existing shadow IT first. Only by uncovering the IT systems that your departments use for their daily work, you can carry out a further analysis of opportunities and risks in order to manage them effectively. There are various options for identifying shadow IT, but a pure query does not add much value.

For this reason, we learnt from the projects that we carried out over the past few years and have developed a tool in which business departments can identify their own shadow IT, but also obtain the first recommended actions for their management.

The user rate their Shadow IT with 8 simple questions.

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The self-assessment tool delivers added value for the entire company.

The self-assessment tool delivers added value not only for the business departments, the IT department, but also for the management and auditing.

We kept the tool deliberately lean and simple. After the download it can be used directly. The user interface is self-explanatory and contains only a few questions that can be answered quickly by the user. Immediately after completion, the first recommendations for action are given for the evaluated shadow IT.

The generated list provides the user with a quick overview of the existing shadow IT. This enables the management of risky shadow IT.

  • Quick Implementation: Use directly after the download
  • Well-Known Technology: Based on Microsoft Excel
  • Intuitive Handling: Use of known technologies
  • Lean Tool: The tool contains only 8 questions. The questions are posed from the perspective of the business departments and can be answered quickly and without technical knowledge.
  • Instant Transparency: Generates a a list of all shadow IT elements.
  • Immediate Evaluation: Shadow IT elements are evaluated immediately according to their risks and opportunities and initial recommendations are given on how to manage them.


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